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Welcome to Roo Ranch Dairy Goats! Pictured here are a few of the happy, hardworking “girls” who contribute to our soap making business. Our herd had humble beginnings as our daughter’s 4-H dairy goat project, which expanded to become a family endeavor over the years.

Our purebred LaManchas are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association and we are committed to providing a healthy, nurturing environment for our livestock. Our herd is CAE negative and is tested annually. We attend several local dairy goat shows every year and work toward strengthening the dairy characteristics of our herd.

Each spring, we do offer a few quality dairy goat kids for sale - please check our “Kids for Sale” page for a current sales list.

B.J Kid's Jazmin


B.J. Kid's Jazmin
Purebred LaMancha
ADGA#: L1367398
DOB: 2/22/06

Sire: Winterwood's MU Rubythroat
SS: Winterwood's Musician
SD: GCH Winterwood's XL Humingbird

Dam: B.J. Kid's Rayelle
DS: Heathero Kaballero
DD: B.J. Kid's Kate

JAQ's Taquila's Whitney


JAQ's Taquila's Whitney
Purebred LaMancha
ADGA#: L1365123
DOB: 3/26/06

Sire: KNDG's Thomas the Goat
SS: KNDG's Sam I Am
SD: Field of Stars Matar-Pegasus

Dam: Ron-Tom Tequila Sunrise
DS: GCH Winterwood's XL Hudson
DD: Elnika P. Springs Aruba Sunset

Roo Ranch Prada


Roo Ranch Prada
Purebred LaMancha
ADGA#: L1470873
DOB: 3/01/09

Sire: Roo Ranch Thaddeus
SS: B.J. Kid's Mathyus
SD: JAQ's Taquila Whitney

Dam: Roo Ranch Naomi
DS: Summerset's A King
DD: Moonshine-Ridge Jacks Vixen



Fir Meadow Tobv Amusing
Purebred LaMancha
ADGA#: L1508191
DOB: 3/10/10

Sire: CH Fir Meadow Tob V
SS: South Fork TTN Tobiah
SD: SGCH Fir Meadow Mi Rosine

Dam: SGCH Fir Meadow Val Whimsical
DS: SGCH Fir Meadow Soon Valiant
DD: SGCH Rockin-CB Soon Schemer